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    Welcome to Peter Schweighofer's latest publishing endeavor. Griffon Publishing Studio aims to disseminate Schweig's self-published game materials (roleplaying games as well as war and board games) through the PDF medium. Schweig's roleplaying game materials use the innovative Any-System Key, allowing you to adapt his sourcebooks and scenarios to your favorite game engine.

    The Any-System Key  describes character skills and task difficulties in terms that easily translate into different game systems. These terms do not link into any one game engine, but serve as general guidelines to give readers an overall sense of how they fit within their own game’s stat and difficulty scale. Any-System Key publications provide settings, characters, adventures, and other source material you can easily adapt to your favorite roleplaying game.

    Download the free Any-System Key  PDF (146k) now.

    Test this adaptable system with a free medieval scenario, The Village War (802k PDF).

    You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open these files.

    Free downloads offer a glimpse of some of Schweig's past work and a sampling of his varied interests. Many appeared on Schweig's original site, Griffon's Aerie.



    In Memoriam:

    Wolfgang Passes
    Into the West
    Our regal, elderly cat of 18+ years passed on, and we wanted to share this memorial dedicated to our loyal friend. 

    Griffon Publishing Studio Website Is Moving

    We’re moving the content from the Griffon Publishing Studio website here over to a new home at griffonpubstudio.blogspot.com; this website will go dark sometime in early 2016. The move allows us to clean up an otherwise cluttered organization and gives us a better platform for updates, news, and other interactions. Most of the core product pages have already migrated, along with the “Free Downloads” page and portions of the “About Schweig.” We still have a host of secondary pages to port over, particularly in the “D6 Resources” section and the “Any-System Key” (which needs some revising in lieu of my dabbling in an “Any-OSR Key”).

    Spread the word. Share and enjoy. And many thanks for your support.

    Our Roleplaying Game Books...

    A 104-page roleplaying game supplement presenting source material outlining elements for a 1930s pulp campaign in the South Pacific and five, full-length scenarios. Heroes of Rura-Tonga includes more than 30 pages outlining elements for a 1930s pulp campaign in the South Pacific:

    • Description of Rura-Tonga, its history, environs, and inhabitants.
    • Overview of political developments affecting the region.
    • Information on period seaplanes, including the Grumman G-21.
    • Briefings on Japanese forces operating in the area.
    • Six archetypical heroes to use as pregenerated characters or templates for original characters.
    • Five full-length scenarios set in this exotic locale.


    This Any-System Key sourcebook contains material gamemasters can use to create pulp adventures in Egypt: general travel information, campaign themes, locations, gamemaster characters, and scenario ideas:

    • A “Visitors Guide to Egypt” suitable for orienting gamemasters and familiarizing players with common knowledge of the setting.
    • A chapter with Egyptian exotica,  the mysterious places, supernatural occurrences, magical artifacts, and mythical beasts, along with adventure ideas.
    • A chapter for running three themed campaigns in Egypt—archaeology, espionage, and criminal—including a full campaign outline for each.
    • Appendices detailing suitable character archetypes for pulp Egyptian campaigns, a random artifact generator system, and a list of book, film, and music resources. 


    In 1982 a 13-year old who’d just seen some neighborhood kids play Dungeons & Dragons created his own game in which knights and wizards explored underground catacombs, defeated monsters, and took their treasure. This book represents a refined version of those rules appropriate for kids interested in transitioning from traditional board games to a more imaginative form of structured play. Creatures & Caverns is a very basic “roleplaying” game in which players explore subterranean labyrinths, using imaginary heroes to defeat monsters they encounter and collect their treasure. Although it uses a map like a board in a traditional game, it also enables players to assume the roles of knights and wizards exploring underground. These heroes use an arsenal of weapons and spells to slay monsters; die rolls often decide their fate, determining whether they strike their foes and fend off attacks. Creatures & Caverns 2nd Edition includes all the rules needed to play, character sheets for knights and wizards, a bestiary of monsters to fight, guidelines for creating new foes, notes on traps and treasures, experience rules for improving characters, and two ready-to-play scenarios.
     Creatures & Caverns is 26 pages, available for free at DriveThruRPG.

       "This is called a Griffin because it is a winged quadruped. This kind of wild animal is born in Hyperborean parts, or in mountains. All its bodily members are like a lion's, but its wings and mask are like an eagle's. It is vehemently hostile to horses. But it will also tear to pieces any human beings which it happens to come across."

    -- The Book of Beasts, translated by T.H. White
    Except where otherwise noted, all text material copyright 2003-2013 Peter Schweighofer.